The Farmer With a Dell

Ralph Farnsworth extracted himself from his king size, comforter strewn bed as the rooster alarm ringtone crowed on his cell phone. It was set to gradually get louder the longer it crowed. His dog, Rudy just burrowed his way deeper under the covers. It wasn’t his job to feed the pigs.

Ralph allowed the rooster to continue the 4 a.m. ritual as though he really believed Rudy would join him.

He didn’t.

Slippers and an oversized terry cloth bathrobe greeted Ralph at the doorway to his bedroom on the first floor of the Farnsworth family farm in Southeastern Illinois. It is a fallacy that real roosters will crow to greet each morning like clockwork. In reality, they crow at just about any change in their surroundings or environment – including the sun rise (change from dark to light) and even turning a light on in the barn. Some roosters crow for no reason at all. Those tend to live in cities where there is constant noise. And, of course, they crow to talk to each other.

The aroma of coffee begins to erode the drowsiness of slumber. Ralph pre-made the coffee the night before as he does every evening. It is the difference between getting up at 4 a.m. and 3:30. The pigs are unconcerned whether Ralph has coffee or not…

So begins the newest novel in the Jensen Michaels series, The Farmer With a Dell.

It tells the story of a southern Illinois pig farmer who become embroiled in a tug-of-war between government bureaucrats, environmentalists and what Ralph Farnsworth calls the industrial food complex.

More in future posts…stay tuned!

P. Cordell


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