Tea Party Time!

Norman here again.

Well, finally – Mr. Leiter has finished that bloody novel, and is in the process of navigating the waters of the Amazon. No, not THAT Amazon (unless you mean the website Amazon, in which case you would be right).

April 15th is kind of a special day for something called Tea Party, wouldn’t you say?

I don’t want to spoil the Amazon thunder, but here is a short synopsis of the book:

Major Jensen Michaels is a hero of 9/11 and the subsequent Afghanistan and Iraqi wars. He unwittingly becomes involved in a plot to overthrow the government with a member of an organization called the American Liberty League that goes back to an original plot to oust then president Franklin Roosevelt.

Tea Party is a tale of intrigue and moral struggle in an America sharply divided along political lines.

Of course, yours truly makes a cameo appearance – which I am certain will lead to more substantive roles in the future. Hey; maybe even my own novel!


OK, so look for some kind of link thingy to purchase your copy.


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