Enhanced Bloviating

Former Vice Presidential candidate and Conservative muckraker, Sarah Palin, recently suggested that  “were she in charge,” we would baptize terrorists with water-boarding .

This is wrong on so many levels, but let me just mention two.

First, there is no reliable evidence – crime dramas and popular films to the contrary – that any form of torture (or, if you prefer the politically correct term; enhanced interrogation) is effective in discovering imminent plots. In fact, most of the time, the intelligence is pure bullshit just designed to end the current torment.

Secondly, even if it were a reliable method for gathering intelligence, how do we square this practice with our idealized notions of America as the pinnacle of Judeo-Christian values?

It bothers me that this is not troubling to many people. Or, maybe it is? The notion of America as the bully nation seems to sit well with the NRA crowd, whom Ms. Palin was addressing with her mixed metaphors.

As a Christian person, I am insulted that one would equate torturing prisoners with the faith I was taught to believe elevated love and brotherhood of man over violence and hatred.

Am I missing something?




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